Ora vado.


Vado a sistemare casa…


… A domani.

Che fascino le foto vintage

1910)Jones and Higgins, Peckham, London, ca. 1900s.18767841_1524088590974534_833654131218410579_n1921(1908Welcome to your 1937 kitchen.Looking over Griffith Observatory and Los Angeles from Mount Hollywood, 1936.Marjorie Sholes with cat in the window Photo by William H. Manahan, Jr (early 1900s).A dreamy look in to 1910, Paris.Venetian Canal by Alfred Stieglitz, 1897cameraA glorious view under the canopy of the Eiffel Tower, 1880s.Normal School Campus, Pennsylvania, ca. 1900s.Remembering Daddy on Father's Day, 1926.Léonard Misonne, Madame Misonne. 1910, Belgium.Florida circa 1900Do-it-yourself toy horse. (1890s)The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge during construction (1933-1936). By amateur photographer L.A. Sanchez.The Italian hub of Lower Manhattan is pictured here in 1900. Its taken on Mulberry StreetOpen-top tourist bus, 1920Bicycle kiss, ca. 1930squick stop and chat. (London, 1904)Melbourne, australia 1940The interior of this 1936 Imperial Airlines airplaneDr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, practices with his wife Maude. (1928)Two girls enjoy sticks of candy and the companionship of their kitty in the warmth of the sunlight. (1910)This 1915 photograph titled, Joy Unconfined features the dance steps of two children kept by the beat of an Edison phonograph.



a domani.